Research stay at the Metaphor Geeks Lab, with Dr. Marianna Bolognesi

One of our group members, Lorena Bort-Mir, is currently developing the Filmic Metaphor Identification Procedure (FilMip), and enjoying her 3-months research stay with Dra. Marianna Bolognesi at her Metaphor Geeks Lab in Siena, at the International Center for Intercultural Exchange.

As Marianna has written in her webpage:

“Filmip is a procedure aimed at identifying filmic metaphors in the wild. Currently the procedure has been applied to various instances of filmic advertisements. FILMIP relates to and derives from other procedures that have been developed within the field of metaphor studies, for the specific identification of metaphors in various modalities. The original MIPVU procedure was developed by the Pragglejaz group and then improved by Steen et al (2010), and it is used for the identification of linguistic metaphors in corpora of texts. More recently, the VisMIP procedure has been proposed (Sorm, Steen, forth.), for the identification of metaphors in still images.

FilMIP will be illustrated at the Metaphor Festival Amsterdam (31st August – 2nd September) in a parallel session, as well as in a dedicated workshop, which will be held on Saturday September 2nd, within the Festival program. ”

It is a great honor for us to have the chance to work with Marianna in one of our projects. She’s a great researcher and we are learning so much from her!

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